Social Media Design

Social Media Design

You either love it or you hate it. We, on the otherhand, embrace it. Making the most of your social networks won't necessarily translate into direct increased sales, but it will help to grow your brand; and it's that which will increase your sales. Used in conjunction with blogging, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn help you to develop lasting marketing strategies that will deliver results.

Communicating with your customers and associates, keeping them up to date with your latest news and reading what they are doing is an ideal method of increasing your brand awareness through social media.

Social media is a growing phenomenon that businesses are finding are an effective marketing tool. Social media is in fact just another name for Online PR - the idea of promoting yourself through useful content about your industry, your clients and yourselves.

Clients are often uncomfortable about the ongoing commitment to generate content and that is where we help. We identify the right strategy for your business, and implement and manage your accounts on your behalf. All with the aim of attracting 'followers' and turning them into advocates and customers.

Urban Feather can help you to set up a Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn account. We can even brand the pages, strengthening your company image on the web. Planning and executing campaigns for social networks and search engines needn't be confusing; let us manage, develop and identify opportunities for you across these platforms.

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